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How do I place an order?  

First use the contact us to send us a message with the details of your order.  After we have the details worked through you can place the items in your cart via our website and pay the deposit.  


What is your current lead time?  

Our current lead time is 4-6 weeks.  If you have a time frame that you are working with please discuss this with us prior to placing the order.  We cannot always accommodate certain time frames but if it’s possible we will do so!


I placed my deposit and it's coming up on my due date when should I expect to hear from you again to set up a delivery?  

Please keep in mind that the time frame given is just an estimate, our orders are all custom and unfortunately we cannot always be right on our schedule.  When building custom orders even if it is close to something I have built previously there is always a chance something could go wrong causing me to have to spend some extra time to get it to our expectations.  We understand everyone wants their furniture but over wanting it everyone wants it right so please allow for that!


Can you match the stain to what we currently have?

We can try our best!  We use General Finishes Gel stains for our furniture.  If you want to have something custom-matched we can do this through Sherwin Williams.  It requires you to take a sample of the stain you want to be matched to a local SW store and have it matched.  Please understand that matching stain has numerous factors other than just the pigment of the stain.  Using the same wood helps a lot in making them a close match.  Even with the same wood you can still have some difference.  


Can you match a paint color?

Of course!  Please take a sample to your local Sherwin Williams and have it matched and we can get the information to get the color.


Do you use a finish on your tables?  

Absolutely.  We use General Finishes High Performance Flat sheen on our furniture.  This is a water based finish and is the best product for furniture in water based.  It is very strong and durable once cured and the sheen is perfect in our eyes for farmhouse furniture.  If you have a preference please make that clear to us prior to placing your order.  There might be an additional charge for oil-based finishes or brands outside of what we carry in the shop.


Can I come to your workshop?

Unfortunately, our workshop is not currently open to the public. 

Where can I see examples of your work?  

Instagram, Facebook, and our Gallery are currently all places to see our work.  

What should I expect on delivery day?

We will give you a window for delivery, it will be a 2-4 hour window for local orders.  Our delivery guy is a fantastic gentleman and will try his absolute best to arrive inside that window as possible.  Due to traffic if you live inside the perimeter or in highly congested areas please keep in mind that unforeseen issues like accidents and road work might cause a delay.  Once he arrives if you used our basic delivery option he will help you get the furniture to a secure location.


When is the remainder of my total due?

All orders must be paid in full prior to scheduling delivery. We will invoice for the final payment approximately 5-7 days before delivery. Once the final payment is received we can schedule a delivery day/time. If you are picking up your order you can pay via credit, debit or cash upon pick up.  


I would like the furniture brought into my home and I cannot get it in.  What do I do?

No worries, please just make us aware you would like 2 man or white glove delivery at the time of deposit.  There is an additional charge for this.


I want something custom, I don’t see anything like it in your portfolio?

Send us a message with the details of what you are looking for.  If you don’t get an immediate response give us a day or two.  If it is something totally new I read and reread the message and let it run to see if I can figure out the design.  This might mean I build it in a 3d software or just build it in my head and see if I can make it work.  As soon as I feel comfortable with the design and build we will get back to you with a quote.  


What wood do you use?  

We carry all domestic hardwoods as well as furniture grade white pine. Please note the tables made with white pine have a different warranty than our hardwood options.

Can I supply my own lumber?  

Yes, there are a couple of things we need to know before we can agree and write up a quote.  Please message us with some good photos of the lumber and dimensions.

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